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What we are doing in Uzbekistan




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• Presentation of your company, your products or services

• Sharing experiences regarding your previous activities

• Joint determination of demand in the relevant sectors, which will be part of your market analysis

• Collecting your specific questions about the Uzbek market


• Determination of the total demand for your product in Uzbekistan

• Researching the size and potential of your industry or market in Uzbekistan

• Analysis of the demand for your products in the private and, if applicable, in the public sector

• Trends and prospects for the future


• Competitive analysis and identification of potential market participants

• Identifying appropriate channels for selling your services or products in Uzbekistan

• Clarifying your individual questions with an industry expert in Uzbekistan

• Evaluation of all information and development of an individual go-to-market strategy with specific recommendations for action

• Creation of an implementation plan with a plan of milestones


Get free Consultancyor Call +998 91 137-37-99
Get free Consultancyor Call +998 91 137-37-99