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Finding the business contacts and partners you need

Looking for a business partner?

We will find a suitable business partner for you in Uzbekistan.

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Заключительные моменты

• Determining your priorities when looking for potential Uzbek business partners or investment properties in Uzbekistan.

• Defining specific targets for the market

• Clarification of your strategy, taking into account the specifics of the Uzbek market

• Developing focal points in the presentation of your company in the target country.

• Joint description of your potential business partner in the target country

• Creation of a clear picture of your ideal potential business partner or investment object


• Identification of potential business partners in collaboration with our local experts who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of a specific market segment.

• Preparation of detailed company profiles for pre-selection and preparation for business meetings

• Preparation of both parties for business negotiations


• Specific scheduling of your business meetings with the decision makers of selected business partners or businesses that we deem appropriate for your investment in Uzbekistan.

• On request, travel arrangements and translation services

• Support during business meetings by our team of specialists

• Joint evaluation of initial discussions and business meetings

• Creation and support of implementation of the implementation plan before the conclusion of the contract

• Initiating market development and supporting a sustainable partner

• We develop an action plan and help you reach an agreement with your chosen business partner or an investment contract with a German company.

• From that moment on, we ensure the constant development of the market and take care of partner service at a high level.



Get free Consultancyor Call +998 91 137-37-99
Get free Consultancyor Call +998 91 137-37-99